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Frequently     asked     question

This section will answer some of those common questions,

but if there is anything I have left out, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

Q: What is your style of photography?
In short – FUN.  I follow the events of the day,

photographing unobtrusively to capture real moments as they happen.

The goal is to tell the story, capturing all the fun and emotions through beautiful photographic images for my clients to treasure for a lifetime.

Q: Do you photograph posed group shots?
Yes, I do take photographs of groups.

People usually like to gather for their group shots with close family and friends .

Q: Can you travel?
I am a London Based
Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer

but I am able to do your photos at any location.

Expenses for travel and accommodation are recovered at cost.

Q: What equipment do you use? 
I use a professional Canon Pro digital camera.

Canon cameras sit very well with my inconspicuous style and I love the colors the Canon cameras deliver.

 I can also take black & white or sepia pictures.

Q: Do you do your own printing?
Yes, indeed, but only if clients ask for it.

For more information on my availability and prices

OR if you have any other question, please contact me.