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Successful Digital & Social Media

* Journalism skills, ability to create & edit content for digital purposes

* Filming and photography work, including video/imagery editing
* Experience managing Websites and Graphics
* Photography & video experience

A career as a press photographer would suit you if you have an interest in current affairs, a flair for the creative and the necessary technical ability...

Press photographers take photographs to record news, current events and lifestyle stories.

Their aim is to capture the best images which document an event, tell a story or convey a message and support the printed word.

The pictures are then reproduced in newspapers, magazines and increasingly, online. It's also known as editorial photography.

The role can develop into photojournalism. You'll need to demonstrate flair for investigating and telling a story, using both images and words to convey the message. Photojournalists often work for magazines rather than newspapers, and can work on a project over a long period of time.

Well, NaoVision worked on some of those projects right here...




The Brun Bear Foundation 2015/2016


It's an exciting time to be a music photographer.


Each genre carries its own influences, and often, music photography is forgotten amongst fashion, editorial, and advertising. People tend to overlook the genre, without realizing the skill and talent it takes to do it right.

Music photography involves no set-up, and capturing someone moving, especially in scenarios where light may be scarce,

so can be extremely difficult. For our purposes, music photography

encompasses any image documenting a musician during a live performance.

NaoVision photographs are always superior and manage to see the creative spark as it occurs.

NaoVision is based in the UK, and available for commissions around the world.

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